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Agnitum Affiliate Program

The Agnitum Affiliate Program is a revenue-sharing program which affords anyone with a web site the ability to earn money in a profitable online business. The Agnitum program is one of the most successful programs available online; we invite you to sell our award-winning software on your web site. “The more you sell the better you earn” — is the main principle of our Affiliate Program: the amount of your earnings depends on you. The Agnitum program also offers a reward system for the most active partners each month and we plan to raise commissions to 50% for successful Outpost sellers. (To learn more about commission structure see our FAQ.)

You register as our affiliate and get a unique affiliate number. After registration you receive a link containing this ID. By looking at this ID Agnitum can always identify each affiliate’s customer—you will never lose your commission with the Agnitum Affiliate Program.

Why the Agnitum Affiliate Program?

The highest commissions!

Agnitum Ltd offers a progressive commission structure and guaranteed reliable payments. For new affiliates we offer a 40% commission for the first three months of our collaboration. New program members gain the chance to achieve significant results selling Outpost from the very beginning. With our program you can receive up to 50% commission and earn at least $2500 a month!

Membership is absolutely free

Our program does not involve any third party or costly sign-up fees.If you register as our affiliate you work directly with us and start earning money after the registration. Earning money with us is easy.

Marketing support

The Agnitum affiliate team is always ready to assist you and provide you with all necessary information or marketing material you need to perform well. In the Affiliate Toolbox section of our web site, you will find a range of materials to help you achieve your fullest potential from the affiliate program membership. These materials include a complete advertisement kit with banners, screen- and pack shots and text links that help you direct traffic to your web site and achieve greater sales.

Excellent affiliate support.

We are always ready to answer all of your questions and offer advice on banner placement, sales and marketing strategies, technical characteristics and so on. We work personally with each affiliate, providing ongoing support to ensure you get high commissions.

Sales control

Our affiliates have prompt access to all sales and commission statistics.

And last but not least — the product we offer you to sell, Outpost Firewall Pro, is one of the best personal firewalls in the software security category.

Registration with the Agnitum Affiliate Program

The registration procedure is simple; just follow our automatic affiliate signup, tracking and payment system. It’s operated by Share-It, one of the leading e-business solution providers.

There are three steps to the process:

  1. Complete the registration form and wait for our e-mail;
  2. Follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail to copy the Outpost selling link from the Share-It Control Panel and add it to your web site;
  3. Upload the marketing material from the Toolbox and start earning money. If you have any questions please contact us 

The following FAQ has answers to the most frequently asked questions about our affiliate program.

Affiliate ToolBox
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