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Agnitum Affiliate FAQ

The following FAQ has answers to the most frequently asked questions about our affiliate program.

General Questions

Commission and Pricing

Marketing and Support

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General Questions

Who is Agnitum Ltd?
Agnitum Ltd. is a software development company committed to delivering and supporting high quality security software products.

What is an affiliate?
An affiliate is a person who earns income participating in legitimate business opportunities on the Internet using a computer. Agnitum affiliates earn commissions by directing customers to make purchases on the Agnitum Ltd. web site.

What products will I be selling?
Agnitum offers award-winning Outpost Firewall PRO, securing personal and family desktops and ensuring reliable endpoint protection for the home PC.

How do I sign up?
Affiliate registration is simple and completely free. To sign up please follow the link and submit the application form.

What are the benefits of the Agnitum Affiliate Program?
You don't need to have specific education in IT or marketing to become our affiliate. Our highly experienced personnel will always help you and answer your questions. We provide our affiliates with all necessary information and marketing material that will direct traffic to your web site. Easy-to-sell Outpost products are well known in the software market. Award-winning Outpost technology is praised by security experts worldwide. Our affiliates have prompt access to all sales and commission statistics. We offer a progressive type of commission structure and guarantee reliable payments.

What do I need to become an Agnitum Affiliate?
Agnitum welcomes partners from all over the world, regardless of size and market reach. Agnitum Affiliate signup is free of charge and is available to any web-site operator. To register as an Agnitum Affiliate, please sign up here. Note: your affiliate status will be approved and activated only when you complete all fields in the application form. For more information about the Agnitum Affiliate Program follow the link 

How can I change my affiliate information?
Please send an e-mail to Share-It with your new data.

What should I do if I forget my login or password?
Your password is stored at Share-It. Please contact them.

Commission and Pricing

How much does it cost to become an Agnitum Affiliate?
It costs absolutely nothing to become an affiliate. In fact, you can start earning money almost immediately. It takes just a few minutes to sign up, and just a few more minutes to put the link on your web site or web space.

How much can I earn?
Your earnings depend on you and your selling skills. Generally, our affiliates can earn up to 50% commission on each sale. For example, if you make $1000 in sales in a month, you'll receive 35% of the sales as your commission. The next month your commission can be even higher. The majority of our affiliates make a very healthy living from the income they receive from commissions.

When do I get paid?
Share-It transfers payments to your account on a monthly basis.

How does Agnitum track the affiliate's sales?
The sales link that you receive for your web site contains a unique ID number. When a visitor clicks on your link and surfs over to Agnitum.com to make a purchase, we can see this ID number. Agnitum uses the number to identify a customer's source site and credits you with the total purchase amount of their visit.

How long will you track visitors?
We will track visitors you send to Agnitum.com for 30-days and count any sales made during the 30-day period toward your commission.

How much commission do you pay?
Now new affiliates are offered a 40% commission for the first three months after registration. New members have the chance to achieve significant results with Outpost sales from the very beginning and to maintain commissions at a high level.

At the three-month expiration point, the commission will depend on your selling skills.

The table below shows the percent of commission according to amount of sales per month.

Total amount of sales in one calendar month     The commission in the next calendar month
0-$399     25%
$400 - $999     30%
$1000 - $1599     35%
$1600 - $2699     40%
$2700 - $4999     45%
$ 5000 and more     50%

How can I check the status of my sales?
Share-It provides a special link where you can check the status of your sales 24 hours a day.

How often is my statistics page updated?
Your statistics page is updated daily. Please note: your stats are not real-time and will not immediately reflect new orders.

If my sales are high enough, can I move into the reseller program?
Of course! If we see that you are doing well, we may contact you and invite you to move to the reseller program. If you feel that your business can meet the additional requirements of the reseller program (such as providing technical support to your customers), we'll ask you to provide a short business plan. If you are accepted into the reseller program, you'll receive training and additional discounts that will help you to continue to grow your Agnitum partner business.

Marketing and Support

What promotional material is available?
We provide you with converting material, such as banners, screen- and pack shots, articles and text links. Together we can create a landing page for Outpost products. We are sure that these materials will help you direct traffic to your web site and effect sales. Note that any text links, ads or tailor-made sales text created by an affiliate must be approved by Agnitum before placement on the web site.

What sort of assistance do you provide to your affiliates?
Our affiliate team is always ready to answer your questions in the shortest possible time and to give you ideas about Outpost promotion and selling. Agnitum Ltd. provides all its affiliates and referrers with live 24-hour support, seven days a week, and so do all of our partners. We are available to answer any questions you have about your account, payments, marketing support or any other relevant question. Feel free to contact us

Is there a certain number of links and banners I have to place on my web site?
No. You may use as few or as many links as you like. We encourage you to try a variety of links to learn which will increase your web-site traffic and commission earnings.

If I have technical problems with a banner or text links who do I contact?
If you have problems, please contact our affiliate team, we will guide you on how to maintain links and where to place banners. Contact us - thanks!

What form of promotion can I use?
The most popular form of promotion is to place banners on your web site. You can also place links in newsletters or your promotional e-mails. This is an excellent way to provide highly targeted information and product offerings - resulting in higher conversion rates, increased revenues and bigger commissions! You can find all marketing materials in our Affiliate Toolbox section.

If your question isn't answered here, please Contact us - thanks!

Affiliate ToolBox
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