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Agnitum Channel Program

Agnitum Ltd. is a software development company committed to delivering and supporting high quality security software products. Agnitum offers four products: firewall-based Outpost Firewall PRO and Outpost Network Security, and proactive antivirus software — standalone Outpost Antivirus Pro and all-in-one internet security product Outpost Security Suite.

At Agnitum we realize the importance of Channel Sales and thus constantly seek high-expertise security software resellers to offer our premium-class software to their customers.

We value our partners and our ultimate goal is to establish healthy win-win cooperation with channel players, helping them to grow their business and acquire knowledge and expertise.

Why Agnitum?

Security software being a hot topic, resellers experience a constant onslaught of hundreds of offerings from numerous vendors.

Agnitum unique points are:

  • Best of its breed software
    The quality of our products is acknowledged by a great number of experts all over the world; just take a look at the list of awards we received.
  • Competitive and flexible pricing
    Do you have a larger volume order? Feel ready to build a constant sales pipeline? Just contact us and we’ll come to a mutually beneficial combination of pricing and reseller discount.
  • Renewal policy
    While most vendors sell renewals directly, we encourage our resellers to take advantage of a constant revenue pipeline by selling renewals to their customers! You can be sure that selling the software once, you’ll get perpetual profit from it as time goes and customer purchases renewals from you!

Regional rules

We have a number of regional exclusive distributors and representative offices. If you are from:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Middle East and North Africa countries
  • China, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Netherlands
  • Thailand

Please contact our exclusive distributors in these countries. Please note they may offer totally different partnership opportunities and conditions to you.

Partner levels

Agnitum Trade Partner
Agnitum Premium Reseller
Agnitum Distributor

Webshop partner listing

Partners are listed in two different places on the Agnitum website:

  • Partner locator in "Partners" section
    Partners are listed according to their Partner Statuses
  • List of partners in "Purchase" section
    Partners are listed according to the table below:
 Index page product listing2nd level page product placement (e.g. Firewalls or Security Software, one click from the index page)Can find the product using "Search" on partners’ website or webshopNo product placement or listing on the partners’ website
Placement groupGroup 1Group 2Group 3No placement

Within one group, Distributors are listed first, Premium Resellers — second and Trade Partners — third.

If you have any questions regarding Agnitum Channel Program, please contact us.

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