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Agnitum Traditional Resellers Program FAQ

How does the Agnitum.com Traditional Resellers Program work?

The Agnitum Resellers Program enables qualified software resellers to offer the finest security solutions to their customers. Agnitum rewards its resellers with a variety of discounts for reselling our premium software.

After signing up as a reseller, you will be able to order any number of Outpost licenses for your clients using the Element5 ordering system. Agnitum lets you order licenses on a pre-paid basis only, but successful resellers are upgraded to premium partnership level, one of the benefits of which is credit line assignment.

Are there any other partnership opportunities available?

Yes, we welcome Affiliate Partners and Premium Partners as well.

How do I sign up as Traditional Reseller?

Please follow this link to sign up.

How can I make orders for my clients?

Following this link you will find online tutorials for working with the ordering system. The text description can be found below

The first thing you need to place an order is your reseller ID and password. You should receive them right after submitting your request to become our reseller and receiveing our approval. Having that ID and password, you have two ordering options available:

  • Traditional share-it! reseller scheme

    Visit Agnitum's Purchase section of the Web site (www.agnitum.com/purchase/) and follow these directions:

    1. Navigate to the desired product and license type as though you planned to buy the product for yourself.
    2. Press the "Add to cart" or "Buy it" button to proceed.
    3. At the top of the checkout page you will see the "Returning customer/ Reseller" field. Enter your reseller's ID and password in this field, then press the "Login" button on the right.
      Screenshot #1
    4. The input fields for "New customer" are intended for your client's personal information. Please note that if you want to register a license for a company or organization you must order the "Business" or "Educational Institutions " license. Otherwise, if you want to register a product for a person, choose "Single" or "Family" license.
    5. After you complete all required info, you will be directed to the Billing information page where you must enter your billing info.
    6. Please note that the displayed price should include your discount, as shown in this screenshot:
      Screenshot #2
  • Ordering "short" keys

    "Short" key is actually an instrument to verify your customer really purchased Agnitum product from you. "Short" keys do not contatin user registration infromation or license terms. You can easily order "short" keys "on stock" - just to have them at hand should you get a customer willing to get Outpost right away.

    The whole scheme works this way:
    1. You order bunch of short keys
    2. Once your customer makes a purchase, he receives one of these short keys from you
    3. He gets to this webpage: http://www.agnitum.com/register.php and enters his short key along with his registration information his user name and email
    4. The page is processed automatically and the user gets an activation key to copy-paste into the Agnitum product

    To order "short" keys, please follow these links:
    https://secure.shareit.com/shareit/checkout.html?PRODUCT[300021508]=1 for Outpost Firewall Pro Single License
    https://secure.shareit.com/shareit/checkout.html?PRODUCT[300021509]=10 for Outpost Network Security 10-user Business License

    After clicking the link, simply follow steps 3 - 6 of the Traditional Element5 ordering scheme. Just keep in mind since "short" keys do not contain user registration data, you can simply enter your company data in fields described in step 4.

What will happen if my sales increase?

If your sales show constant growth, we may contact you to offer a higher discount and a credit line that allows you to order licenses before paying for them.

What e-mail address should I use to get additional information about the Agnitum Resellers program?

Please contact us at resellers@agnitum.com

Are there any restrictions for registering for your Resellers program?

Yes. Please note that we have distributors in several countries. In the case that an Agnitum product distributor already exists in your country, you must order directly from that distributor. You will not be able to join our Resellers Program.

Here is the list of countries with Agnitum product distributors:

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