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Outpost AV Service

How it works

Monthly subscription model involves Agnitum as Outpost Anti-Virus Service developer, its local distributor, ISP/Telecom delivering antivirus protection to its subscribers and end user who needs antivirus protection.

  Functions Results

Prepares installation files

Delivers license keys

Tracks subscribers

Provides marketing collateral

Provides technical support

Explore new sales channel

Receive additional revenue stream

Get access to B2B market

One contract brings constantly growing monthly revenue


Adds subscription service to the billing system

Organizes promotions

Creates and promotes subscription-based plans

Increases its revenue

Increases average revenue per customer

Attracts new customers with significant discounts on antivirus protection and payments schedule

Helps retain existing customers through additional service

Reduces support costs with improved security

Easy to get started and keep delivering

End user

Downloads product from the ISP website

Installs the product

Pays for subscription on their regular billing cycle

Is fully protected against malware

Antivirus protection:

Easy to pay (license fee is included in customer bill)

Get a discount comparing to online/retail price

Pay per usage

All ISPs/Telecoms looking for an option to expand their services and distributors interested in additional revenue stream are welcome to partner Agnitum. Apply for partnership

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