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Key clients

Outpost Antivirus Service was introduced 3 years ago to expand its coverage in 2010-2012. Apply for partnership

Achievements and goals

9 out of Top10 Russian ISPs and 1 Top 3 Russian Telecom (by Q1/2012, see here)

Domolink  Domolink.ru
(RosTelecom, Central Russia and Moscow)
2 000 000 customers
CityDom  CityDom
(ErTelecom, federal Russian ISP)
1 940 000 customers
Avangard DSL  Avangard DSL
(RosTelecom, North-West Russia)
1 200 000 customers
J-Volga  J-Volga
(RosTelecom, Volga region of Russia)
1 000 000 customers
Utel  Utel
(RosTelecom, Ural region of Russia)
950 000 customers
SibirTelecom SibirTelecom
(RosTelecom, Siberia region of Russia)
900 000 customers
Akado Akado
(AKADO Group, federal Russian ISP)
700 000 customers
(RosTelecom, South Russia)
700 000 customers
MTS Connect MTS Connect
(MTS GSM with its ISP branches, national Russian Telecom)
600 000 customers
Disly Disly
(RosTelecom, Far East Russia)
560 000 customers

70% of wire-line ISPs customers in St. Petersburg area, Russia (by Q1/2012, see here)

Avangard DSL Avangard DSL
(RosTelecom, North-West Russia)
370 000 customers in St. Petersburg
InterZet InterZet
(federal Russian ISP)
250 000 customers, 25% are Outpost Antivirus subscribers
Tvoy Internet Tvoy Internet
(National Cabel Networks, Russia)
220 000 customers in St. Petersburg
At Home At Home
(Pin Telecom, North West Russia)
160 000 customers in St. Petersburg
SkyNet SkyNet
(St. Petersburg, Russia)
85 000 customers in St. Petersburg
Summa Telecom Summa Telecom
(federal Russian ISP)
65 000 customers in St. Petersburg

Outpost Anti-Virus Service is covering 90+ ISPs and Telecoms with 9 000 000+ total customers base in Eastern Europe and Middle East.
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