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Outpost Network Security is specially designed to help small and medium business (SMB) organizations protect against modern security challenges and address the problem of productivity waste; it safeguards local networks against external attacks and internal sabotage, keeps endpoints clean of malware, prevents disclosure of inside information, polices employee Internet access and shifts the task of deploying and managing protection away from the busy workforce.

Being a nimble, undemanding yet highly efficient and reliable solution, Outpost Network Security brings manageability, transparency and security to your IT infrastructure, keeping workstations healthy, administrators happy and your bottom line shiny.

Key Benefits:

No security incidents

Information is the most prized asset within an organization. Outpost ensures the integrity of your data by offering a number of robust security mechanisms:

Antivirus to ensure malware-free environment

The VB100-certified engine combining virus and spyware defense is constantly on guard against malicious software arising internally (i.e. received as an email attachment) or acquired externally (i.e. spreading via an infected USB flash drive). The threat is instantly neutralized before it can harm other member machines. On-demand remote and centralized virus scans can be initiated on select endpoints at any time.

The antimalware module now provides more flexibility for system administrators and includes:

  • Automatic scanning of removable USB devices
  • Improved mail scanner, new ability to clean attachments
  • Flexible component settings
  • New ability to scan boot sectors
  • New ability to specify real-time protection monitor response on detecting malware

Additionally, a .LNK file integrity control algorithm has been implemented to prevent Stuxnet and other malware exploiting LNK vulnerability.

Bidirectional firewall to bolster LAN connectivity

The award winning firewall technology ensures safety and continuity of your company’s network operations. Encompassing a unique intrusion detection system to shield traffic against eavesdropping, packet- and application-level filtering to block unwanted or malicious connections, embedded code protection to shore up vulnerable web elements, Outpost Network Security is the ultimate deterrent to all manner of data compromises and hacker attacks.

new!System Guard

System Guard enables the administrator to define a list of protected programs on the system, as well as extensive Windows settings and configuration files. These may include registry settings, networking properties, host file accessibility, Adobe Flash and Reader plug-in interactions, and other objects vulnerable to attacks. Any designated protected program is shielded by System Guard against unauthorized tampering or compromise.

new!Web Control

Administrators can configure endpoints to proactively block access to unauthorized web pages according to keywords included in either the URL or the body of the page.

USB access lockdown to guard company’s digital assets

Your internal data is at risk of being copied and extracted from the organization. Outpost Network Security blocks access to mass storage USB devices on target hosts, preventing unauthorized leak of company data and malware propagation from connecting flash memory drives.

Effortless rollout and hands-free updates

Centralized deployment to minimize IT workload

With intuitive tools that map organization’s network domain structure, mass deployment can be carried out almost in no time.

Online and offline updates to keep protection current

Security updates for intranet-connected machines are deployed daily from a single network repository, such as Agnitum Server, a local updates server or a local folder with updated bases.

Centralized management and setup

Group segmentation for more targeted protection

Connected computers can be broken out into multiple groups with each group having its own security properties. This helps to better manage and target protection recipients, as well as assign tougher policies for more susceptible groups (i.e. a group of mobile users that connect to 3rd party networks on the go).

Remote configuration for easy, hands-on management

In the new version of Outpost Network Security, interconnected computers can be managed from any member workstation through a universal management console. Administrators can designate custom Internet access policies and specify the blacklisted URL addresses that will be inaccessible across the network.

Better visibility into remote events

Real-time control of endpoint activity for total transparency

Once your network is up and running, it’s hard to control events that are taking place on individual machines. Outpost deals with this limitation by offering real-time monitoring of system and network activity for any remote host. With this handy tool, administrators can see what sites are being accessed or what programs are currently active on any computer on the network. This also enables administrators to quickly edit existing access policies for the target hosts.

Remote logging system for better understanding past activity

Outpost’s remote logger shows history of all past events occurring on remote machines, enabling IT managers to quickly find a problem and correct it without leaving their desks.

Lightweight protection that stays on all the time

Faster, resource-friendly operation for smoother protection with SmartScan

Thanks to numerous optimizations and unique performance-boosting technologies, client Outpost protection is performed in the background without taking up vital system resources. Security checks complete up to ten times faster than some of the competition.

Unauthorized termination prevention to guarantee continuity of protection

Workstations’ Outpost protection cannot be switched off by targeted termination attacks, meaning your networked clients are protected 24/7.

Universal compatibility

new!Modern hardware and software support for broader deployment

ONS offers optimized support for all current 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms, including Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2. Click here for additional information.

Product Profile
Version: 3.2 (3425.520.1245)
Size, MB: 183 (x86) / 187 (x64)
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