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Outpost Network Security Features

Outpost Network Security (ONS) 3.2 provides comprehensive, centralized, easy-to-manage protection against a broad spectrum of security threats for small and medium-sized businesses and branch offices. ONS defends networks against inbound attacks from hackers, viruses, spyware and other threats. Thanks to easy-to-use central management, ONS is the ideal solution for business operations with limited IT resources.

Key features include:

  • Comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, and other malware
  • Bidirectional firewall with intrusion detection and network integrity safeguard
  • System Guard to protect critical system files and registry
  • Web Control to block inappropriate web-sites
  • Protection against unauthorized termination of security functions
  • Centrally managed deployment and administration
  • Centrally managed malware scans on-demand
  • Real-time event reporting and history logs

Outpost Network Security features:

Data security and confidentiality

Powerful malware protection

Outpost Network Security delivers comprehensive protection against all forms of malware threat, including viruses, spyware, Trojans and worms; it will protect your company’s workstations 24/7, no matter the level of user experience. The automated background scanner prevents malware infections in real time, while the centralized on-demand file scanner uses Agnitum’s unique SmartScan technology to provide fast and efficient detection and disinfection for all data storage areas — local, remote, and shared. An IT administrator can initiate arbitrary remote scan on any selected workstation (provided that it has the administrative console installed), plus the organization’s computers are checked against new infections at regular time intervals via the scheduled scans feature.

Updated threat signatures are distributed daily through a designated point on your network — Agnitum Server, local updates server or a local folder with updated databases.

Continuity of network operations

The client-based ONS firewall protects incoming and outgoing network connections, filtering all traffic according to administrator-defined access policies and blocking unwanted or malicious transmissions. Unique Ethernet protection guards against man-in-the-middle attacks designed to intercept network data, ensuring data in transit always reaches the designated recipient.

new!Protection for crucial system objects and registry

System Guard, successor to the earlier Critical Objects component, secures critical system locations and registry, ensuring that no unauthorized modifications are made to these vital areas.

System Guard enables the administrator to define a list of protected programs on the system, as well as extensive Windows settings and configuration files. These may include registry settings, networking properties, host file accessibility, Adobe Flash and Reader plug-in interactions, and other objects vulnerable to attacks. Any designated protected program is shielded by System Guard against unauthorized tampering or compromise.

Lock down USB devices

To prevent malware propagation from external sources, as well as the unauthorized copying of internal company data, businesses can implement USB storage device usage restriction on specific employees.

Web security

The web is the number one source of corporate security threats today. Outpost Network Security keeps productivity up and risk down by limiting the amount of web content that can be run or displayed on individual workstations. From blocking unsafe scripting to suppressing unnecessary web graphics, animation and ad banners, ONS prevents drive-by downloads and other stealthy web-based attacks. Additionally, managers can restrict access to specific unsafe Internet domains on a user-by-user basis and proactively block unwanted web pages by keywords in URL or page body.

Self-defense ensures round-the-clock protection

ONS includes self-defense technology to block attempts by unauthorized third parties to shut down its protection, ensuring that protection is never interrupted.

Control and Manageability

Centralized deployment and administration

Client protection is deployed from a central administrative console simply by selecting the target recipients. In just a few minutes, all designated endpoints are protected. All subsequent administration procedures can be managed from any workstation on the network.

User group segmentation

Support for user groups enables different configurations and access policies to be deployed to different users depending on their risk level.

Detailed visibility into remote events

ONS uniquely enables administrators to control events on remote machines in real time. Activity reports include information such as active programs and processes, network addresses being accessed and other current statistics.

Comprehensive event logger

With extensive logs of endpoints’ past activity, administrators can easily find and fix connection problems, view malware removal status, and access other maintenance-related information.

System Requirements:

Supported platforms:

  • Client side/server side: all 32- and 64-bit Windows platforms (Windows 2000 SP4, XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista (incl. SP2), Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7)
  • Hardware: 500 MHz or faster CPU(x-86/x-64/multi-core), 256Mb RAM, 100MB free disk space.
Product Profile
Version: 3.2 (3425.520.1245)
Size, MB: 183 (x86) / 187 (x64)
Datasheet (PDF)
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Administrator Guide (PDF)

Installation Notes (PDF)

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