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Outpost Network Security 3.2 (3414.520.1244)

Release date: October 28, 2010

What’s new:

  • Windows 7 support
  • Windows Vista SP2 support
  • Windows Server 2008 support
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 support

Redesigned antimalware component:

  • Automatic scanning of removable USB devices
  • Improved mail scanner, new ability to clean attachments
  • Flexible component settings
  • New ability to scan boot sectors
  • New ability to specify real-time protection monitor response on detecting malware

Enhanced firewall component:

  • Channel load between driver and monitoring service significantly decreased
  • Improved traffic filtering performance in P2P networks
  • New stateful packet inspection (SPI) for UDP protocol
  • New invalid TCP flag filtering
  • Improved content filtering algorithm now excludes local traffic and binary threads
  • Fixed critical issues in TDI/TLI filters under Windows 2000/XP/Vista, resulting in improved system stability

Redesigned Process Activity monitor:

  • Process modules list added
  • Ability to quarantine suspicious process or module
  • Improved algorithm used to define I/O counters

New System Guard component extends original Critical Objects component:

  • Critical registry entries and system files protected against modification through the use of preset rules
  • Increased number of protected objects
  • Ability to create custom rules to protect registry entries and system files
  • Ability to create custom rules for applications that have higher priority than global rules (exclusions)

Redesigned UI:

  • General appearance and dialog boxes redesigned to follow Windows Vista/Windows 7 style conventions

Web Control component:

  • Web pages can be blocked according to keywords included in URL as well as in the page body

The following improvements have been made:

  • Multiple stability improvements in kernel drivers
  • LNK file integrity control algorithm implemented in antispyware module to prevent infection by malware using the LNK exploit
  • Self-protection mechanism improved (new registry hives now protected)
  • Improved stability of file operations filtering
  • Improved content filtering performance

The following issues have been fixed:

  • Problems with remote deployment
  • Most commonly-reported crashes
  • Possible system freezes on various actions: delete file, open file from context menu, empty recycle bin
  • Outpost crash after changing Quick Scan configuration during antimalware quick scan
  • Outpost crash after clicking on a link in the Outpost window
  • Outpost crash while navigating in Netstat View using the keyboard
  • Possible system crash while working with multiple mobile devices
  • Possible freeze on starting automatic update
  • Unavailable service when installing on a low-powered PC
  • Inability to send SMTP attachments using Thunderbird mail client
  • Inability to open the properties of some applications from the Edit Rules dialog
  • Issues displaying web pages on servers using gzip encoding
  • Issues with heuristic analysis
  • Possible problems with ICS (packets may be blocked)
  • Possible problems with driver installation
  • High CPU load when working with Lingvo X3
  • Inconsistency in detecting host file modification
  • Inconsistency in disabling Windows Firewall after Outpost installation
  • Incoming NetBIOS connections blocked even with NetBIOS check box in LAN settings selected
  • Transit packets blocked when attempting to open web pages under VMWare
  • Packets blocked by IP Block component not displayed in the Packets log
  • Possible freeze/stop during full system scan
  • Issues with automatic creation of rules for some applications
  • Additional minor issues
Product Profile
Version: 3.2 (3425.520.1245)
Size, MB: 183 (x86) / 187 (x64)
Datasheet (PDF)
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