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Outpost Network Security 3.0
Public Beta Testing Is Underway

Join our open beta testing for the upcoming Outpost Network Security 3.0 and you can help us improve the product and ensure that it will meet your needs. You could win great prizes, too!

Whether you.re already a member of our beta-testing community or not, Agnitum invites you to participate in the public testing of our soon-to-be-released security solution for small and medium businesses (SMBs). We.ve listened to your feedback on previous versions and have been working hard to improve the software with the addition of these new, exciting features:

Simplified deployment
Just select the endpoints you want to protect, and Outpost Network Security client protection is automatically and immediately installed on those endpoints in minutes.

Comprehensive protection against malicious software
ONS 3.0 automatically protects every endpoint against the full range of today's malicious code: from viruses and spyware to Trojans and keyloggers. You can even initiate remote malware scans on selected target systems on demand or on schedule.

Removable device control
Protected endpoints can be restricted from connecting to USB mass storage devices, as these can often be a source of infection or a means to steal or make unauthorized copies of company data.

Extended visibility into remote events
Use the remote management console to view real-time statistics and historical reports of endpoint activity without leaving your desk. Now you can monitor events occurring on remote workstations and take appropriate action or amend policies as required.

Advanced control over program activity
ONS 3.0.s Host Protection module ensures client systems are protected against the malicious behavior and advanced attack techniques that are the primary attack vector used by today.s stealthy, web-based threats.

Smooth operation and universal compatibility
ONS 3.0 supports the latest Windows client and server platforms, ensuring seamless integration with your hardware and software configurations. The program uses minimal system resources and runs in the background, so your users will not even know it.s there.

By taking part, you.re not only helping us to make our software better, more convenient and more suited to your needs you also become eligible for some great prizes, awarded to the most active testers contributing the most useful feedback.

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