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Outpost Network Security Version Evolution

Product version

Outpost Office FirewallOutpost Network Security 2.0Outpost Network Security 3.0Outpost Network Security 3.2
Firewall for protecting endpoint connections++++
Antispyware for basic malware protection++++
Antivirus for total malware protection--++
System Guard to shield system files and registry---+
Simplified deployment through cloud installation--++
Secure storage for company-critical data-+++
Remotely executable on-demand malware scans--++
USB storage devices access lockdown--++
Web Control to enforce corporate policies -- -+
Centrally managed blacklisted URLs -- ++
User group segmentation for more targeted protection -+ ++
Remote viewing of past event logs -- ++
Real-time endpoint activity monitoring with instant access to policy editing option -- ++
Native 64-bit Windows support -- ++
Administrator console/client agent support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 -- -+

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