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Outpost Security Suite Pro Screenshots

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Main Interface

Easy-to-view protection status with instant access to updates and license information under "My Security" tab.

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Comprehensive Anti-Malware

Reorganized malware scan menu with optimally placed options, including Quarantine and "Send suspicious file" function.

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Enable or disable protection modules accessible in just one click from within the revamped Settings menu.

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The Tools menu now incorporates Network activity, Used Ports, Online Activity, Process activity, File and Registry monitor, Attacks blocked and Event viewer — all under the same roof.

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Network Activity

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File and Registry Activity

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Event Viewer

All essential logs can now be found under a single tab. Detailed sub-logs are available in a drop-down menu.

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Help Menu

The revamped Help menu provides links to the existing guidelines (Agnitum’s Knowledge base). The tab also facilitates interaction with customer service and displays license information.

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Product Profile
Release date: August 5, 2014
Version: 9.1 (4652.701.1951)
Size, MB: 170 (x86) / 184 (x64)
Datasheet (PDF)
What's New? (PDF)
Outpost Awards

Outpost — three years’ record of VB100 awards!

Outpost technologies have been credited with 40+ Security awards...

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