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Vista Compatibility Issues

The current version of Outpost Pro 4.0 and the upcoming Outpost Pro Security Suite 2007 are not Vista-compatible. However, Vista-compatible versions of both products are in development and will be available to all registered users of Outpost products with a current license free of charge.

How do I know if I qualify for the free upgrade?

Any customer with an current license for any product in the Outpost Pro family qualifies for a free-of-charge upgrade to the Vista-compatible version when it is released. So, if you buy a license for Outpost Pro today, you are guaranteed a free upgrade to the Vista-compatible version.

When do you expect to publish the Vista-compatible version?

We have been working on Vista-compatible versions of our software since last year, and we are already starting the first internal alpha-test cycle. As soon as beta versions are available for public testing, you’ll see the news here, in our blog, and in our regular newsletters. If you’re not already signed up for our security newsletters, you can do so here

Why does it take so long to develop a Vista-compatible version of Outpost Pro?

We have set a very high standard for ourselves in order to deliver the best firewall and security suite for Vista, bar none. We are not rushing to deliver something that is “sort-of” compatible with Vista, because we care about the quality of the security we deliver to our customers. Security is so important these days that we believe it should receive the maximum care and attention in development in order to deliver the maximum protection for our users.

What is so special about the Vista-compatible version of Outpost Pro?

Vista is a completely new operating system with a significantly different and more complex architecture. This means that the Outpost Pro Firewall and Security Suite products for Vista are also completely new applications, with new engine and user interface, that will provide even stronger protection and even better usability.

Key features will include:
  • Improved host protection to fight zero-day threats
  • Optimized content filter
  • Complete fast user-switching support
  • IPv6 protocol support

All-in-all, Outpost Pro for Vista will provide the most efficient Internet security possible, at high speed and with minimal resource usage.

Will you let me know when the Vista-compatible versions of Outpost are ready?

Yes, of course. Just provide your email address below and we’ll keep you posted on the development, beta-testing, and availability of our Vista-compatible products.

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