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Agnitum Customer Care Center

Welcome to Agnitum Customer Care Center!

At Agnitum we are dedicated to delivering high-standard sales support to all our customers. If you have any questions, problems, requests or suggestions, please take a look at the information below. If you were unable to find what you were looking for, please write contact us.

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General info

- I would like to ask a question to Agnitum Sales Team. Who do I contact?
- Please write to contact us. We will answer your email within two working days. If you havn’t received a response from us, please fill in the Feedback Form here: www.agnitum.com/feedback.php.

- What are share*it! and RegNow services? Who are registrators?
- Share*it! and RegNow are services that receive payments for us. Both of them are services of Digital River – a well-established international company, providing registration services for software vendors like Agnitum.

Placing an order

- How do I place an order?
- You have two options:

  • Purchase online from us directly – just go to Purchase section on our website and follow instructions
  • Purchase from one of our partners worldwide. Please follow this link to get to Agnitum Partner Locator

- Am I subject for VAT?
- VAT is applicable for consumers originating from European Union (EU) countries only . VAT volume may differ from country to country. If you’re placing an order for your company, just provide your VAT ID upon purchasing, and you will be VAT exempted.

- Do I receive a CD when I purchase your software?
- You can optionally choose to have a backup CD sent to you when placing an order at extra cost.

- How can I activate the CD key?
- You can activate your CD key at our site. Please follow the instruction at www.agnitum.com/register.php

Payment processing

Please address your questions regarding payment processing to share*it! here.

License key request

If you have lost or didn’t receive your license key please fill in License Key Recovery Form here.


- What are license types? What’s the difference?
- We have four different license types:

  • Single License – for single PC use only. If you would like to use Outpost on another PC, please purchase Personal Pack License (up to 3 PCs) or Family License (up to 5 PCs).
  • Personal Pack License – for use on up to three your PCs. If you would like to use Outpost on 4-5 PCs of your family members, please purchase Family License.
  • Family License – for use within your family, up to 5 users or if you’re going to use Outpost yourself on several PCs (less than 5). Cannot be used by business or educational institutions.
  • Business License – for use within business or governmental organizations.
  • Educational License – specially discounted license for educational, governmental and non-commercial organizations.

- I have two to three (2-3) PCs, what license type should I purchase?
- You can purchase Personal Pack license (up to 3 PCs).

- I have four to five (4-5) PCs, what license type should I purchase?
- You can purchase Family license (up to 5 PCs).

- I have a company with three PCs, can I purchase Family license?
- No, Family license cannot be used by businesses or educational institutions.

- Can I use Single license for two computers if I do not use them simultaneously?
- No, Single license is valid only for one computer.

- Can I use Single (Personal Pack) license if my computer has several User Accounts?
- Yes, single license is valid for one computer, no matter how many user accounts are created.

License terms and renewals

- What is the License Term?
- License Term is a time period during which the License you purchased is valid.

- What happens when my License expires?
- The License you purchased provides you with unlimited time for using the software, but limits the period when you receive updates and software upgrades and can use premium support services. When your license expires, the software remains fully functional, but will no longer be able to receive anti-spyware signatures, program updates and upgrades and use our premium support service.

- My Single (Personal Pack) License is expiring soon and I’d like to upgrade to a Family license. Can I do that?
- Yes, just go to Renewal Center in Purchase section of our website, fill in the small verification form and click “1-Year Upgrade and Renewal from Single to Family License” link.

- I have an ongoing Business License and I’d like to purchase additional seats. How can I do that?
- Please contact our Sales Team at contact us.

- I purchased a license for Outpost 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 2007, 6.0 (2008). Will I be able to upgrade to consequent (2009) Outpost versions for free?
- Yes, if your license is valid.

Technical Support

- How do I contact Agnitum Technical Support?
- First of all, we recommend you to search for a solution in our Knowledge Base here. Still, if you would like to contact our Support Team, please fill in the Support Request Form. Please note that we ask our customers to fill in Support Request Form to get the necessary information in appropriate way in order to process support requests with maximum speed and accuracy. We do not process support requests sent via email to support@agnitum.com or any other email address.

- Our standard for answering customers’ request is two working days, but I haven’t received a reply yet! Who do I address?
- Please fill in the Feedback Form here: www.agnitum.com/feedback.php and we’ll make sure you receive a response as fast as possible!

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