Spam Terrier Free

Keeps your inbox free of spam — the junk emails you don’t need or want. Free, easy-to-use spam protection that seamlessly integrates into your favorite email client.

The experts’ choice:

Spam Terrier keeps your inbox clean at no cost!

  • Save time and inbox space by having Spam Terrier automatically filter out unwanted emails.

  • Defend against malicious and fraudulent messages.

  • Spam Terrier defines white and black lists, along with your personalized settings, so you never miss a valid message.

  • Enjoy the highest accuracy of message processing by training the Bayesian filter and adjusting the sensitivity thresholds.

  • The intuitive user interface is easy to manage, with convenient controls.

  • Fast and efficient operation.

What’s in the product?

Self-learning anti-spam engine

You can easily train Spam Terrier’s Bayesian filter, the core processing engine, to improve spam recognition rates with each incoming email.

Interface integration with your favorite email program

Spam Terrier can be integrated directly into the most popular email clients, including Windows mail apps and The Bat!

Product Profile

  • Release date: February 11, 2013

  • Version: 2.1 (341)

  • Size (MB): 1.65 (x86) / 2.47 (x64)

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