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Optimizing Outpost work concurrently with third-party security software.
KB ID: 1000030, Added: 14-04-2004, Last updated: 30-04-2010

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If Outpost Firewall and Outpost Security Suite run on a computer with third-party security software installed, system slowdowns may be observed.

A possible reason for the earlier versions of Outpost Firewall is that Outpost frequently accesses its log files and the antivirus monitor checks each accessed file for viruses. This collision can lead to system slowdowns. To resolve this issue, add the Outpost Firewall installation folder to antivirus exclusions.

If you use the latest version of Outpost Firewall or Outpost Security Suite, they do contain proactive protection components and Outpost Security Suite contains antivirus monitor as well, therefore installing any other alike software might hang up the system performance.

For different third-party security software, complete the steps outlined below.

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It is not possible for two or more antiviruses to work together. Only one antivirus monitor might be installed along the Outpost Firewall.

Note: To enable Outpost modules disabled for compatibility with third-party security software, please, see How can I enable Outpost modules that were disabled automatically by the product for compatibility with third-party security software?

If this does not resolve the problem, please follow the instructions here

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