The Internet connection is broken (some applications cannot access the network, e-mail cannot be received, some sites cannot be browsed).

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  • Added: 19-11-2004

  • Last updated: 02-03-2011

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Outpost Firewall 2.5
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Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.0
Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.1
Outpost Security Suite Free

Make sure the Rules Wizard firewall policy is on. This will help you control all the connections that do not come under any rule.

If the problem persists, do the following:

In the product's main window click Event Viewer > Packet Log. See what is blocked and why (in the Allow/Block Reason column). Modify the appropriate rule.

If this does not help, temporarily disable Referrer blocking in Settings > Web control > Customize.

If nothing helps, disable the Outpost product protection and check if the application is still blocked. To currently disable the product protection, right-click the product icon in the system tray and select the Suspend Protection option. Select the period of time for suspension and click OK.

Check if the application is still blocked and if it still is:

  • Click Settings > Application Rules.
  • Double click the necessary application with the left mouse button and on the General tab select Use custom rules (recommended) if Block all activity is selected.
  • If Use custom rules (recommended) is already selected, change it for Allow all activity.

If this does not resolve the problem, please follow the instructions at

Instruction is different for Outpost Firewall Pro (all versions up to and including 4.0) and Outpost Security Suite Pro 2007


In the product's main window, click Log Viewer > Blocked Connections. See what is blocked and why (in the Reason column). If you do not see the Reason column, right-click the column names in the right side of the main Log Viewer window, select Reason and click OK. Modify the appropriate rule.

You can also open the Alerts Tracker log and see if there is information about the blocking.

If this does not help, try to disable every Outpost product plug-in and then check if the application is still blocked.

If it is still blocked, click Options > Application. If you see the application in the Blocked Applications list, drag it to the list of Partially Allowed applications. If it is already in the Partially Allowed Applications list, drag it to the Trusted Applications.

If you have a third-party anti-virus software installed, we recommend that you perform the steps described in

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