I get a system crash (BSOD) or my computer unexpectedly reboots

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Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.1
Outpost Security Suite Free
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System crashes and unexpected restarts can have several causes: a hardware error or software compatibility issue (generally independent of Agnitum products), a driver error, etc. To determine the source of a problem and whether it is an error with Outpost or the result of an incompatibility with some other software installed on your computer, our support engineers need some specific information from you.

  1. Check the settings for minidumps. A system minidump is a file with the .dmp extension and it is usually located in the Windows\Minidump folder (by default C:\Windows\Minidump for Windows XP/2003/Vista).
  2. If your system doesn't create these files or if your entire RAM is saved to a minidump, go to Control Panel > System > Advanced and configure the following settings (for Windows XP/2003/Vista):

    • Click Settings under Startup and Recovery. Under Write debugging information select Small Memory Dump (64 KB or 128 KB for Windows 64-bit) and in the Small dump directory enter the path "Windows\Minidump".
    • Click Settings under Performance. Select the Advanced tab and click Change. Make sure that the paging file for the system drive (C: by default) is created. If it is not, set the paging file size to at least 32 MB.

    Note: In case Windows still does not save memory dump files after crash, see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/130536/en-us and http://support.microsoft.com/kb/274598/en-us.

  3. Then contact Agnitum technical support service: visit http://www.agnitum.com/support/contact.php and fill in the form. Click Browse and attach your Windows minidump (.dmp) file from the Minidump folder (or "Windows\Minidump"). If you have more than one file, please archive (compress into a ZIP type file) the minidumps in one file before attaching them.

We would also like you to answer the following questions:

  1. Can you reproduce the problem or did it occur only once?
  2. If the problem is reproducible what actions do you perform before the system crashes?
  3. Please give the reason you are sure the error is connected with your Outpost product.
  4. Open Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information. Select File > Save. Save the file as .nfo (not a text file). If possible, please archive (ZIP, RAR, etc) and send us the file.

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