I bought Outpost Firewall/Outpost Security Suite box in a shop. How can I activate it?

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Outpost Firewall 2.0
Outpost Firewall 2.1
Outpost Firewall 2.5
Outpost Firewall 2.6
Outpost Firewall 2.7
Outpost Firewall 3.0
Outpost Firewall 3.5
Outpost Firewall 3.51
Outpost Firewall 4.0
Outpost Security Suite 2007
Outpost Network Security 2.0
Outpost Antivirus Pro 2009
Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.0 - 7.6

There are two ways to activate the product. In both cases, you will need the activation key-the unique 25-character key, specified on your product pack.

  1. You can activate your product at Agnitum site. Please follow the instructions at this page. After submitting the activation key, the registration key will be generated. Please follow the instructions at this page to enter the registration key.

    NOTE: Outpost Firewall, Outpost Antivirus and Outpost Security Suite are independent products, therefore their registration keys are not interchangeable. It means that Outpost Firewall registration key is not applicable to Outpost Security Suite and visa versa. Please, be attentive while entering registration keys.

  2. You can also activate the product during its installation once you are prompted for an activation key. In the appeared dialog box select I am activating the product for the first time and click Next.

    Find your 25-character key on the product box and specify it along with your name and e-mail address in the fields provided and click Next.

    The next step lets you select whether to activate the product immediately via Internet or to generate an e-mail request to be sent to Agnitum:

      - if you select Activate now using Internet connection, after you click Next, the setup program will try to connect the Agnitum's web site to activate your product. If successful, the installation continues;

      - if you select Activate later, the setup program will generate an e-mail and after sending this e-mail to Agnitum you will receive the registration key in response.

    Once you have obtained the registration key, run setup again, select I have already specified the 25-character key in the first step of activation wizard, and click Next.

    Specify the registration key in the field provided and click Finish to complete the installation.

Note: For more information about the necessity and usage of activation and registration keys, possible problems on registering Agnitum's products and additional registration information see Registration information and issues

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