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General information about registering and using Agnitum's software

Agnitum software is made available as commercial products, which means that a license needs to be purchased to continue to use the software once its trial period has expired. Agnitum offers several types of licenses for different periods of usage and for various numbers of computers. To learn more about Agnitum's software licensing, refer to the article: Licensing information.

Agnitum software is provided with a trial period of 30 days, during which time you can use it at no charge. The trial period starts when you install the software. The purpose of the free trial period is so you can become acquainted with the product's functionality and operating principles, and for you to evaluate the software's efficiency. The functionality of the trial version is completely the same as that of the commercial version, but you can use the trial version only once after you have installed it. To use a product after the trial period expires, you need to register it.

To register the software you need to purchase a registration key and in some cases you might need to use an activation key. To learn more about the difference between a registration key and an activation key, see the second item of Registration problems later in the present article.

How do I register Outpost?

If you bought an Agnitum security product, you will need to register it in order to benefit from its complex protection. If you do not know how to correctly register your product, please refer to the following directions.

If you bought Outpost in a box from a store:

    In this case, there are two ways to activate your copy of the product. In both cases, you will need an activation key; this is the unique 25-character key that is specified on your product pack.

    Method 1

      You can activate your copy of the product at Agnitum's web site. Please follow the instructions at

      After submitting the activation key, a registration key will be generated. Please follow the instructions below to enter the registration key.

      NOTE: Outpost Firewall, Outpost Antivirus and Outpost Security Suite are independent products and their registration keys are not interchangeable. This means that an Outpost Firewall registration key is not applicable to Outpost Security Suite and visa versa. Please, be attentive when entering the registration keys.

    Method 2*

      You can also activate your copy of the product while it is being installed. You will be prompted for an activation key. In the next dialog box, select I am activating the product for the first time and click Next.

      Find your 25-character key on the product box and specify it**, along with your name and e-mail address in the fields provided and click Next.

      The next step lets you select whether to activate the product immediately via the Internet or to generate an e-mail request to be sent to Agnitum:

      • If you select Activate now using Internet connection, after you click Next, the setup program will try to connect to Agnitum's web site to activate your product. If successful, the installation continues.
      • If you select Activate later, the setup program will generate an e-mail and after sending this e-mail to Agnitum, you will receive a registration key in response.

      When you obtain your registration key, run setup again, select I have already specified the 25-character key in the first step of the activation wizard and click Next.

      Enter your registration key in the field provided and click Finish to complete the installation.

    * You can use this method only if you activate a product with this particular activation key for the first time.

    ** Be careful when entering an activation key. Notice the difference between similar characters, such as I and 1, G and C, etc.

If you downloaded your copy from Agnitum's web site:

Note: The licensing term starts when you activate your 25-character activation key if you bought the product in a box, or it starts when Agnitum sends you a registration key if you bought the product on the Internet. It does not depend on the exact time when you enter the key into the corresponding program's dialog box.

Entering the registration key

To view the video version of the instructions, click here.

To correctly enter your registration key:

  1. Open the e-mail message that contains the registration key and select all the text after "registration key BEGIN" and before "registration key END" using your mouse (click before the first character in the first line of the key and, while holding down the left mouse button, move the mouse to the last character in the last string of the key and release the mouse button when you have highlighted the entire key as shown in the picture below).
  2. Right-click anywhere inside the highlighted text and select Copy from the shortcut menu to copy the license key to the Clipboard (a generally invisible area of your computer used for Copy and Paste actions).

  3. Select Start > Programs > Agnitum > Outpost > Enter registration key. In the Enter Key window, click the Paste button and your registration key (which you copied to the Clipboard in step 2) will be inserted into the blank box from the Clipboard.
  4. Click OK to save the key and close the dialog.

Note: If you purchased a renewal key and want to extend your license period, enter your renewal key using the instructions above when Outpost prompts. A prompt to renew will appear a few days before your current license expires.

Registration problems

If the software does not accept a registration key, there may be several reasons.

  1. First, make sure that you enter the key exactly and that it belongs to the particular product you want to register. Remember that Outpost Firewall, Outpost Antivirus and Outpost Security Suite are independent products and their registration keys are not interchangeable. This means that Outpost Firewall's registration key cannot be used to activate Outpost Security Suite and visa versa. Please be aware of this when entering your registration key. If you are not sure which product is installed on your computer, click the product's system tray icon (it is either a white question mark in a blue circle or a tower on a blue shield) at the right end of the Windows task bar and select About. A dialog box will show you the name of the product, its version and some information about it.
  2. If you bought Outpost in a box, you may have confused its registration and activation keys. The Outpost registration key contains registration information for your copy of Outpost and is sent to you when your payment is processed. The registration key is needed to run Outpost in non-trial mode (after your 30 day trial period has expired). Below is an example of the Outpost registration key, which (in this example) starts with "0u5..." and ends with "...wdo=". It is between (not including) "registration key BEGIN" and "registration key END".

    If you purchased your product on a CD, you need to activate it using the activation key (the 25-character key specified on your product pack) in order to receive the registration key. An activation key looks like the following:

    If you downloaded your product from Agnitum's web site, you do not need to use an activation key.

    If you have an activation key but do not have a registration key because you have lost it, see Restoring a lost registration key in the present article.

  3. If you enter your registration key by hand, you may have made a mistake while typing in its characters. To avoid mistakes never type in your key; use the Copy-Paste function of your operating system. To learn more, see How do I register Outpost?
    Note: While entering a key, make sure that you have not copied extra symbols like either of the closing brackets at the beginning of each line:

  4. If you worked with a registered copy of the product earlier and are now installing a newer version of the same product, maybe your license period of free upgrades and technical support has expired, which means that you cannot use your present registration key with the newer program version. To be able to use new program versions and receive regular updates for product databases you need to renew your license. To renew your license, follow the instructions at If you already renewed your license, you might have confused your old and new keys while entering your registration key. Make sure you enter the key of an active license.

Restoring a lost registration key

If you lost your registration key, follow the instructions at

Note: To restore your registration key you will need to specify the email address, which you used for registering your product. In case you do not use the specified earlier email address any longer, you will need to contact our technical support service, specify the names of your old and new email addresses, your name and maximum information about your order (what product was ordered, what time the order was made), so that the specialists of our technical support team could find the information about your order manually.

If you fail to solve any of the problems mentioned above, our technical support team is ready to help you. Please use the form at

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