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According to the End User License Agreement Agnitum provides support service only for the users with the latest version of Agnitum's software. Support service include technical support, software upgrades and updates of the software modules.

General information

The license agreement you sign after purchasing Agnitum software grants you the right to use the software for the duration of your licensing period. The product you install, automatically checks for the license agreement and determines the licensing period based on the license key that is part of every Agnitum product. A product can have only one active license key. The license key contains terms for using the software that can be read and verified by special product tools.

After a licensing term is complete, the components and modules update function is no longer available for Outpost software.

If you have no current license key or if a trial period has expired, the application will not be downloaded any longer.

Licensing term

When you buy an Outpost Pro software license, you actually get two licenses in one:

  • A lifelong license for product usage.
  • A license for free upgrades and technical support for the period of your licensing term.

After the licensing term is finished you can either buy a renewal license for upgrades and support or simply continue using your last updated version of Outpost software without updates or support.

To purchase a renewal license, visit this page.


  • Licensing term starts: when you activate your 25-character activation key, if you bought a product in a box, or when the company sends you a registration key, if you bought the product on the Internet, and it does not depend on the exact time when you entered it into the corresponding program's dialog box.

Also note:

Registration Key Restoring

If you had to change your hard disk or reinstall the product on your computer during the licensing period, you can use your registration key. You just need to insert your registration key in the corresponding dialog box. The licensing term will not be changed.

If you lost your registration key, follow the instructions at this page.

Single License

A single license permits the installation of the software on a single computer of a home user.


  • In fact this license permits the installation of the software on a single operating system. If several operating systems are installed on your computer, you need to buy several licenses or another type of license that permits you to install the product on more than one operating system. In case several users have access to your computer, there is no need to purchase other licenses.
  • If your computer belongs to an organization (or a company) and the computer is used for commercial purposes, you need to purchase a Business License to use Outpost on that computer.

Personal Pack

A Personal Pack allows to install Outpost on 3 PCs as long as those computers are located in the same Household most of the time and used by persons who occupy that same Household. The Personal Pack License does not extend to business or commercial users.


  • In fact this license permits the installation of the software on 3 operating systems.

Family License

A Family License allows you to install, use and run up to a maximum of five (5) copies of Outpost on up to a maximum of five (5) computers at a time as long as those computers are located in the same Household most of the time and used by persons who occupy that same Household. The Family Pack License does not extend to business or commercial users.


  • In fact this license permits the installation of the software on 5 operating systems.
  • Irrespective of the number of family computers that have Internet access at any one time, you need to acquire a Family License if you have more than one computer with Outpost, since a Single License is valid for one computer only.

Business License

A Business License authorizes business customers, commercial organizations and enterprises to install Outpost on their computers.


  • Even if your organization uses only one computer or laptop, you need to purchase a Business License to install Outpost on any computer used for business.

Educational License and NGO License

An Educational License and NGO License is intended only for non-profit educational and charity organizations and their members. This is a Business License where some NGOs and high school institutions get a fixed discount of 30% (above the usual volume discount, which depends on the number of licenses purchased). Agnitum may suggest special conditions for acquiring licenses for junior and middle school*.


You may get a discount when purchasing licenses under the following conditions:

  • If expanding a license.
  • If you are already a licensed Agnitum product user and want to start using another Agnitum product or acquire a different license type.
  • For a Business License depending on the number of computers being licensed.
  • If you use another security product and want to use Agnitum?s software (note: this type of discount is provided within special offers only and is not granted on a permanent basis).

Organization representatives may discuss special terms and conditions for acquiring a discount with an Agnitum representative at

The detailed license agreement for Outpost products

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